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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by maxine, Aug 19, 2003.

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    I'm not sure how to start repairing my credit. I don't have much credit, cause Equifax deleted all of my items on file. Experian deleted two positive items and just left the negatives, but updated the $12,000 joint car loan as Paid/Neverlate. But Equifax has no items at all on me (thanks to Lexington Law firm). I've since terminated their services.

    And the other 2 CA's:

    Experian: Paid/Charge off $350
    $12,000 Joint Car Loan - Paid as Agreed/Never Late (updated on 7/03)


    Paid/Charge off $350
    Late 30, 60 & 90 days on the same $12,000 Joint Car Loan as on Equifax. Equifax updated but TransUnion would not.

    Should I start trying to rebuild my credit and not worry about the negative Paid/Charge Off on Equifax & TU. Also, should I not worry about the old account (opened in 1994!) of the $12,000 Car Loan late payments on TU?
    TransUnion keeps saying they won't investigate due to credit repair and third parties.

    How can I start to try and rebuild some positive items. I was turned down online by Corvette GM with the following reason given: Insufficient Credit items

    Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated. I won't bother you again after this. You seem to really know what you're doing here. If you don't like to be singled out, then I understand. I'm just worried my car is going to die on me and I can't get one with my present credit. Then I will lose my job. Single Mom and worried. I reside in the state of Maryland.

    Thank you.
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    I'm not Doc, but I have a couple of questions?

    Have you tried contacting the finance company with your car note and ask them to re-report to EQ?

    Good items were deleted? Maybe try and contact these people as well to see if they will re-report.

    Do you parents/siblings/trusted friend have good credit? Would they be willing to place you as an authorized user on one of their cards? (They wouldn't need to even give you a card). You will get the benefit of their good credit history.

    Do you have $250-$500 you could spare? Consider opening a secured card. Someone with more experience here might pipe in and give you some good recommendations of legit cc's.

    Do you have a savings account? Lots of people of gotten mileage by getting a loan from a credit union using their savings as collateral. Just make sure they report to the bureaus! You use the proceeds from the loan to pay it back over time, and it will really only cost you some interest.

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