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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by akg, Aug 8, 2001.

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    In December 1993, the State of Ohio issued a tax lien against me for failure to file a state income tax return. Due to the fact that I had moved to Georgia, it took awhile for them to find me and have me provide a copy of my 1990 state tax return, upon which they dismissed the lien. What I discovered when I purchased a house in 1999, is that the Montgomery County Common Pleas court required payment of $18 in court costs to enter a judgment of satisfaction. I just received a copy of my credit reports and discovered that the tax lien still shows on my Experian report (date entered 12/1993, with a date resolved of "NA"). On my TransUnion report it simply shows a date entered of 12/1993, the amount of $971 and a docket number --- no status. The public record does not show on my Equifax report at all.

    I have a court document that shows that the lien was "released" in February of 1999...after I paid $18 in court costs. I used this document to satisfy the mortgage company 2 1/2 years ago and I received a FHA conforming loan. How should I proceed to get this cleared off my TUC and XPN reports? Who do I send the documentation to and how long will it linger on my report?

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. My credit scores are currently EFX/Beacon (653), XPN/Fair Isaac (658) and TUC/Empirica (651). Does anyone know how much this public record is hurting my score?
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    Why should a false lien even be on a report?

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    It appears that the State sent the paperwork to the local country courthouse and then failed to notify them that the lien had been dismissed. Once the local county court had it in the docket, I had to pay $18 to have it released. The local county reported it to the credit bureaus. I have disputed it will all the CRAs...still waiting for the outcome of the investigations.
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    Ohio sucks!! I thought Virginia was least we don't have to pay the court to change the record on a case that never really existed!!!


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    Don't be 2 hard on us Breeze.we have 88 counties.Maybe the other 87 aren't like that!
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    yeah, but you also have the 15 yr SOL and the fact that credit cards are considered written agreements. Ohio is definitely not pro-consumer. You guys should all move out of the state and leave them with nothing but the businesses for a tax base!!


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