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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by worried, Mar 25, 2001.

  1. worried

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    I want to dispute two public records, a judgement and a tax lien.

    The judgement was placed on us right after my husband got his new job (he was unemployed for about three months due to a lay off)During the time that the collection agency called me, I told them that it was impossible to pay the $1200.00 in one lump sum. She then called my husband and told him that I said that I would pay the amount in full. We called back after comparing stories and shesaid "toobad, you told us that it was to be paid in full and we do not accept payment after that." Anyway, we got a judgement slapped on us. It was paid through garnishment of wages.

    Second case, I did not know I owed the state extra money in taxes. They did not send me a letter or anything informing me. I would have paid it in full, it was only $323. I found out by getting a letter through my employer and it taken out of my check all in the same week.

    Now that you know my sob stories here is my question...
    Can I ask for those two items to be removed considering they are paid and I feel that they were collected in an unfiar way anyway? Who should I contact first, CRA or other people?
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    Go with your gut feeling to begin with and dispute both if you already have your current credit reports.There was nothing unfair or illegal in the way the monies was collected. Dispute both to begin with as: "not mine" and wait for your update report and go from there.Re:it's each other words against the other.I personally would not speak with collection agencies about "account issues" over the phone for the simple reason in what happened in your case.If you dispute thru mail,get it "certified" with return receipt.It could work to your advantage.Good Luck!
  3. ok

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    I had several judgements taken off.From what I have seen and heard,the court house has to reply and they never do.

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