Q-space... I gave 'em a try

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Cindy, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. Cindy

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    OK, so I decided to check out the Q-Space score. I've been working on repairing my credit since late 98/early 99. Q-Space was actually the first report that I looked at, way back when...it was my motivation to start the cleanup process. However, no scores were available at that time.

    My score (drum roll please)...was a 585! That is MUCH better than I expected, although reading some of the posts about discrepancies, I do wonder.

    I was also under the impression that they used Experian, not Equifax for their data, though. Experian is probably the worst of my reports....three charge-offs and six collections. All are paid--and most are due to drop off within the next two years. My next step is to start disputing all of those...I was quite successful on the last round of reports.

    Cheers and Prosperity,
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    RE: Q-space... I gave 'em a tr

    I would have expected your credit score to be much higher with your charge offs being so old and all. But anyway good luck with future credit repairing. Also thanks for your input on qspace.

  3. Cindy

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    RE: Q-space... I gave 'em a tr

    Yeah, I was kind of hoping for a higher score myself....However, I did kind of, er, fall off the inquiry wagon for a while recently, LOL. Also, after my financial disaster I didn't open any new tradelines for a couple of years, either, nor did I pay off the bad debt until late 1998/early 1999. So my positive history is fairly recent (although spotless since early 1999). I will keep working on it, though...my personal goal is to be able to co-sign a mortgage refinance in about 2 years (with a good rate, naturally)

    Happy Holidays,

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