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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Dec 21, 2000.

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    I am sure everyone has their take on this, although I would like to believe that these scores are very similiar to Fair Issac, I just don't think they are. My case in point, I know my true scores from Equifax was 540 in early october and the score I received was a 618. I honestly don't think my scores could rise that quick with just getting one 30 day laet removed?? MAybe I am wrong and I hope I am but I don't see it going up 78 points in 2 months?? And the report was out of date and it if it did have the correct information I believe my score would have been higher!! I am not trying to rain on anybody's parade here and hope this is close to the "real" thing, but I have my doubts:(

  2. roni

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    RE: Qspace score, close to the

    Gee thanks mom.

  3. Momof3

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    Just my thoughts, I of course hope I am WRONG
  4. dave

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    RE: Roni, mine was very simila

    QSpace pulled my Equifax report to show, as it did for many of you.

    Back around this time in August, NextCard told me what my credit score was: 701.

    QSpace indicated a 729: makes perfect sense, actually for my increase. I only have 2 inq. in the last 6 mo, instead of 6, and I have accounts with established payment history. No derog's, of course, and very low balances.
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    RE: Qspace score, close to the

    I agree w/ you Mom (like we discussed ealier). I don't think QSpaces score is comparable to FICO's score. I think they use totally different models to base their scores.
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    RE: Qspace score, close to the

    I also think they it can not be the same model. Fico owns their model plan and simple. It is a 'no frills' credit score. It is not Heinz. LOL. So what. If it is at all close, I appreciate an idea. That way I dont generate any new inquires applying for credit to find out the actual score. Anyway, $12.95 is peanuts for getting a peak or an idea of my credit score. Their 1-100 model score matches the one I got from 123 credit reports. The bottom line is this, my credit score will rise regardless. I think this is all fun. Why take this so seriously?

    P.S. I like the idea that my score is 649. All this rain is hurting my do.

  7. Momof3

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    RE: Qspace score, close to the

    I hear you Roni I would love for my scores to be up 78 points from October, not trying to ruin your day here. I am just wondering??
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    RE: Qspace score, close to the

    I believe qspace pulls experian, I might be wrong, but I know my equifax score is 694, experian is 660, tu is 659, reason?

    I have disputed items; equifax has corrected everything, while the others have not.

    TU - deleted a good account of mine. grr
    Experian is taking forever, dam fools.

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