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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by river, Oct 31, 2000.

  1. river

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    I noticed in one of your post yesterday that you had a 1st Premier CC. Could you please give me some insight with your experience with them. I was looking ove their terms last night and notice the fees that are charged before you even use the card. I posted yesterday about receiving letter from them. Thanks abunch for n e info you may add.
  2. roni

    roni Well-Known Member

    First premier is awful.

    I got this card while my student loans were still defaulted and I was turned down by providian. I thought that no one would ever give me an unsecured card. I had the extra cash so i paid those outrageous fees. After that I was approved for orchard, providian etc. But I still have the card trying to keep it for a year. I would not suggest you get this card unless there is not other option. Frankly a secured card would service you much better. You will end up paying them $175 just to get the card not to mention the $6/mo annual fee. Move on and look elsewhere. The future card is just as bad and is ugly as s h i t. FCNB gave me an automatic increase after 6 mo's without asking and that's a secured card. I would go there or Orchard if cap 1 and providian have said no.
  3. Eboni

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    1st Premier sucks

    First Premier is horrible. I got rid of them quickly. They carge a ton of upfront charges along with a 6 to 8 dollar monthly fee to just keep the account open evey month. Try Amex Secured, FCNB, or Aria. They all have nice customer service.
  4. One Oak

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    RE: 1st Premier sucks

    I had a good experience with First Premier -- the fees where high, but my 18 months with them helped improve my credit enough to leave them for better offers.

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