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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Kirk, Oct 7, 2000.

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    I got a copy of my TransUnion report and on there it is showing 1 account in collection. However, it is an account that went to collections that I just found out about recently. After I found out about it I contacted the store owner (a local furniture rental place) and paid off the account directly with them. Now, I get my report and it still shows as in collection although it shows a balance of $0.00 and a status of closed. I called the store and the collection agency they turned it over to. The store said that they couldn't change that but they would talk to the collection agency and have them change/remove it. The collection agency says that they can't remove it. They say that in KS. it stays on the "In Collections" list even after it is paid off. Does this sound right or do I need to talk to the store owner again and try to get more forceful with the collection agency? TIA.

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    RE: Question about collection

    Unfortunately, collection accounts will remain on your credit bureau reports for 7 years unless the collection agency removes it. This is highly unlikely unless there was an error and it should have never been reported.


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