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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by gcapello, Jun 12, 2001.

  1. gcapello

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    I have a question about Identify theft and I was hoping that someone here would be able to help me out. Recently it has been brought to my attention that someone has been using my social security number. I was turned down for two credit cards because of past payment history with those companies. However, I have never had any accounts with those companies. When I called to investigate, they both had an account listed that referenced my SS#, but had a person with a different name. All I have been able to get from them is the first name of the person. Both companies tell me that when they do a credit search on my SS#, both names appear.

    I have obtained copies of my credit reports from all 3 bureaus, and the only information on the reports is mine, and mine is the only name that is mentioned. However, in order to get the report, I had to give my name as well as my SS#. Somehow the credit card companies can search on just the #. I called Social Security to report it and they say that I am the only one with my number and that they cannot do anything. All the research I have done on ID Theft involves someone using all of your info and having things appear on your report. This is not happening to me, rather, I am being decliend because my SS# matches an account they already have that is deliquent. I have no idea what to do or how this could even happen.

    If anyone could help me that would be great.
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    It is possible that another person made a mistake in their number and is using your number by mistake. If they memorized the wrong number when they first started using credit, everything in their name might be in your SS#. They may not realize it.

    Now a solution. The CRA will not give you the persons name. But, the CRA is not allowed to post false information. Get your credit report from each agency. Write them a certified letter, return receipt requested, explaining the problem and telling them their mistake (by sending out someone else's credit under your SS#) is stopping you from getting credit.

    After waiting a reasonable time, apply for credit again. If you have the same problem, you may have to sue. If you have read my posts in the past, you know I am usually against lawsuits. But, this may be the exception.
  3. Crdt Dfnse

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    Perhaps Tom misunderstood your concern, because if I hear what youâ??re saying correctly no reference appears on your credit report? Based on that this canâ??t be considered a CRA matter, so litigation is totally out of the question against a CRA. Albeit what has happened is close to a file variation.

    What Iâ??d suggest is that you gain the cooperation of the creditors (simply ask after explaining you never had an account with either of them) and request an audit of the suspect accounts. This will most likely be done by their fraud division, who may ask for verifications to support your case (proof of prior addresses, DMV printouts etc.). If the creditors refuse to cooperate you may be forced to get a bit stronger, perhaps by having a lawyer draft a simple letter.

    I could explain to you, if youâ??d like, how this may have come about. If itâ??s of interest, just ask. [;-)
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    If you get a very nice sympathitic CRA rep they WILL give you the name of the person tied to your account.

    I talked to three reps and the nice final one looked really hard to find the variation in the ssn and finally asked me if I recognized the name XXX. I said YES.. it's was my father. Of course I then rattled off the ssn back to her and she confirmed it.

    (military brats know their fathers ssn by heart)
  5. tom65432

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    Maybe I did misunderstand the problem. Maybe not.

    For the other person to get the credit cards using their name and your SS number, I assumed that the credit card companies ran a credit report that showed this person, but with your social security number. Otherwise, I cannot see how they can get a credit card. That is why I feel that there must be a credit file under that persons name, with your number. That is why I think it is a problem for the CRA's.

    Having looked at the other posts since mine, I agree that the best solution may be to call the Credit card companies unti you get a friendly rep who will give you the info. One thing I have learned from this board is that if you keep calling, you may eventually get someone who is willing to help.
  6. gcapello

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    Thank you all for your help. I now have some more info that may help. In regards to what the situation is, I now know that there is a person out there who has a credit file with Equifax and Trans Union. That account seems to be separate from mine in every way except that the social security number is the same. I have had bad credit and am starting to repair, however all things that appear on my report are mine. I have been able to receive credit at most places that I would normally qualify for. The only problem seems to occur when I apply at a place where she already has an account. In fact, it only seems to matter if she has an account there that is deliquent.

    I tried to talk to the Fraud division at Equifax. They verified that the person was using my number, but all they wanted me to do was to send them proof of my identity and they would put a fraud alert on my account. I could not explain to the guy that she was not using my file just my number, but he didn't seem to get it. I know that I can dispute things when they come up, but I don't think I want or deserve the hassle. I want to know how to resolve this with this woman. If she is commiting fraud, I want her in jail, if it is a mistake, I want it corrected... Equifax didn't get it. Any other ideas?
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    I wish I could help you & me. This is close to what I am going through right now. Except things are appearing on my Equifax report.

    There seems to be three different files with my name & SS#. I can't even get them to talk to me till I send them tons of ID's. To prove I am who I am. (I feel like Popeye) This of course is all happening while I am trying to get a loan.

    Any help would be much appreciated:)

    Good luck to you.

  8. gcapello

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    I would be interested in learning how this happened. How can I get in touch with you?
  9. Crdt Dfnse

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    Since you asked what follows is what could have happened, not necessarily what did (just so everyone is on the same page). Also in order for you (and others) to clearly understand the process, this post is somewhat detailed â?? so kindly bear with me.

    When a loan or CC account is originated it must at some point be, â??boardedâ? or â??bookedâ? (data inputted) into an asset management or Interchange system. These are vast computer databases that specifically house financial related info, exclusively on behalf of creditors to safeguard critical records. This is where your payment history, account comments, interest calculations and so forth are stored and archived; AND from where creditors obtain tape-to-tape transfers for credit reporting purposes. Interchanges, however, are NOT strictly for reporting purposes and arenâ??t the same as a CRA.

    Trouble is, as with any database, bad info in; ya get bad info outâ?¦

    Now suppose that when the other person with accounts bearing your SS# originally obtained credit. The lender Rep who inputted her info (data) into the Interchange database, could have transposed her SS# to emulate yours. This would mean that while she has the credit, your SS# appears in the database! Since this person has apparently defaulted on those loans, a tape-to-tape for credit reporting would spit out YOUR SS# correlated to those accounts.

    So how did this happen twice, you may ask?

    One explanation (not necessarily THE explanation) could be when her (the other partyâ??s) accounts went into collections, they were the subject of skip tracing. Skip tracing is the process of contacting ancillary sources to share and verify information, such as when there is a need to located a debtor whose vanished (skipped out on the debt, as the term implies). The collector who did the skip work on one account could have obtained the improper SS# (your number) from the incorrect source, and had that number entered (again, your number) in place of the existing file.

    Please understand the last portion is more speculative than the first, but similar Fu Pas happen often. Sloppy collections work is usually to blame. Yet as you can see, presuming the second scenario is somewhat accurate. A tape-to-tape report to CRAs from the second lender would confirm to the CRA system, YOUR SS# on two accounts. Thus the file variation is created, but not associated to your credit report (probably because of the different address and key info).

    Lastly. Even if one or both of these scenarios are inapplicable to your situation, as in a purposeful scam of ID theft. Understanding how the Interchanges work is still very pertinent stuff. And I could go into far more detail about them, but you get the general idea (me hopes)?
  10. Nave

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    Interesting info, thanks for the post Anthony. -Dave
  11. Crdt Dfnse

    Crdt Dfnse Well-Known Member

    Dave, itâ??s my pleasure and (after all) why I visit this board. [;-)

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