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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by jam237, Aug 17, 2003.

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    I am dealing with a CA (the account is over PA SOL -- HOWEVER, when I checked the OC's web site to see their terms & conditions, it seems that they have a clause to force all actions in their jurisdiction.)

    I know the FTC says that in no way can a consumer weive their FDCPA rights including rights to a local jurisiction... and I just got notice that thanks to an FTC action a similar contract provision forced a company to have to nullify 24 million in accounts that they had obtained judgements on in non-friendly courts (and this was the OC, not a CA)

    However, I am leary of sending the DROP DEAD YOU MORONIC SCUMBAGS letter, until I know for certain that it is a dead account... :) Plus, they've committed as of earlier this month at least 6 violations... on an account that even without their disclosed interest charges is just over $600.00... ;)

    A sample of their violations, the day before they sent their pathetically inadequite validation, they verified with Equifax... ;) A day is still before... :)

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  3. jam237

    jam237 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, wanted to be sure before my next letter(s)...

    I want them to provide all of the validation information before slapping them with the time-barred cease and desist, so that i make sure that i have all the evidence in case they try to sue... ;)

    But I'm sending my next letter CCed to the OC and to the two CRAs that they verified with... Listing their total violations to date, and for the OC that if the CA commits any additional violations as of the date they sign for it, I am hopding them civilly liable for all of the violations, in addition to the CA; and to the CRAs that because of their repeated violations the account has to be deleted at once, even if it goes the route of being mailed to the CA, it'll still give them the knowledge that I am not going to lay around and take it... Especially when not even a week after I sent a cease collection activities until they validated letter they sent me a letter saying that we're updating your account, if you're serious about paying us give us a call, or fill out this form with phone, address, etc.. DUH!

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