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    Has anyone tried to use a private mail box and get their "current" address deleted to try to get a judgement deleted off of the CRA's?

    I've read the postings here and understand that if the judgement was related to an old address, that address can be deleted and potentially the CRA can't verify the judgement and may delete it.

    Unfortunately I haven't moved so I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I have thought about getting a private mail box with a street address and just changing all my mail to that box and not even getting it at my current address any longer. Then trying to get my current address deleted.

    The other thing to note here is as I've started my credit repair journey, the first thing I did was get my credit reports online and typed in my current address.
    I have privacy guard also.

    I have just read and read and read and am ready to start taking some action but I thought this first step might be the most critical.

    Any comments here?

    Also, I received an offer from Cap 1 for a pre-approved $3,000 credit limit and was wondering if I should go for it. I have not gotten my FICO scores but I know based on one of the online pulls that they are probably below 600. I think it would be highly unlikely I would be approved.

    Why do they send these to people with low scores. Do the promotional inquiries only give them limited information and then when people apply, they pull a hard and deny them because they really see how crappy your credit is? It amazes me that I continue to get pre-approvals and I know my credit right now is not so great (soon to be better hopefully).

    Just curious if any one knows why they send these only to shoot us down.
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    In theory it might work, but since Judgements are filed by County, the PMB would probably nhave to be ina different COUNTY than the one you live in.

    I would think a better solution would be one of the mail-forwarding services that retirees use. They have their mail sent to an address in Nevada (Las Vegas) an dthe company there forwards it to them wherever they may be. I saw ads for this type of thing in the Recreational Vehicle Enthusiasts magazines. That way, unless you currently iive in Clark County NV, not only would you have a change of County, you would have a change of STATE.

    O2BDETFREE Member

    I have checked and I can get a PMB in a different state and county since I live close to a state line. Question is if I ask for deletion of my address, I have read that the CRAs will sometimes go back to your creditors and see if you have any TLs with that address. Is this true?
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    In addition if any company who is activly reporting that address as your current address, the address can be added back to your report IMMEDIATELY after it would be deleted, the minute they report that information again.
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    I've used a PMB for many years and it's worked fine for me.

    There is away for the CRA to know it's a box and sometimes on the report it will say it's a non residential address. 99% of the time it hasn't been a problem for me.

    On my report it shows that it's a non residential address then on the next line it shows as a house and on the next line it shows as an apartment complex. It shows that the CRA system is flawed.

    The trick is to use the address like a residence, not a PMB.

    EX....123 Main St. Apt A105....instead of
    123 Main St. PMB A105

    O2BDETFREE Member

    I thought this might be a way of getting my paid judgements deleted. I have not moved for the last 5 years and I have had my maiden name again for many many years. So without being able to change my name or address I think the judgements would be easily verified.

    Anyone had any success with getting judgements removed when you are still at the address where you were served?
  7. bigmon

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    Changing your name or address is the best way.
  8. enigma

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    The Post Office Assault on Private Mail Box Operators:
    A New Assault on Privacy

    by Trent Sands

    The use of a private mail receiving service, formally known in post office jargon as a commercial mail receiving agency, has been one very effective method for individuals to enhance their privacy at low cost. Private mailboxes are used by many types of individuals, from movie stars, to homeless people, to owners of home-based businesses. The operators of these establishments allow customers to use the business street address as their own, and typically, a box is provided for the customer's mail. This box will frequently be identified by a # sign, or the term â??suite,â? â??apartment,â? or â??unit.â?
    Someone writing to a correspondent at this address may have no idea that it is the equivalent of a post office box. Many small businesses that in reality operate out of someone's back room or kitchen table use a prestigious address of a mail receiving service located in a commercial building. These services are also indispensable to those seeking to establish a new identity. A mail receiving service address allows separation to be created between the name and address of the real person and that of the new individual being created.

    Private mailboxes can also be used to fabricate a work history where none existed. A spurious company can be created at the mailing address, and company letterhead created.

    Useful items such as employment reference letters and similar documents can now be generated. A private mail receiving service can also be used as an address of record by an individual to qualify for benefits that are only available to people who live in a certain area.

    Private mail services have also been used to commit crime, and most of the time this is some type of fraud. The most common type of private mail fraud is when a scam is run. The mail drop is used as the â??companyâ? address of a business that is a scam that takes customers' money and never delivers anything. The second largest type of fraud worked through mail drops is "Identity Theft". In this scheme, the names and credit histories of honest people are appropriated by the criminals, who apply for credit cards and loans, but have the address of record as that of the mail drop. The fraudulently issued credit cards and account statements are sent to the mail drop address. The real person never knows until he receives telephone calls months later asking him why the bills are not being paid.

    The postal service has issued new regulations that owners and clients of private mail drops must now follow. These revised orders were issued in response to an increasing amount of fraud being carried out by mail drop clients. But another agenda was also on the table at the post office. The postal service has never really approved of private mailbox services. The post office attitude is that, if someone wants a postal box, they should rent it from the postal service, not a private outfit. The post office loses millions of dollars a year in box rental fees to private box operators, and would like to get some of this money back.

    The impact of the new regulations is first evident in the official paperwork that must be completed by all patrons of private mail services. The form is officially known as PS-1583, application for delivery of mail through agent. In postal parlance, the â??agentâ? is the owner of the mail receiving service. This form requires the applicant to supply two forms of identification, one of which must have a photograph. The identification provided can be subjected to verification, and the postal services operator may make a photocopy of the identification documents.

    The postal service also reserves the right to verify that the customer actually lives at the address given on the form PS-1583. This can be done by addressing mail to this address and verifying with the postal carrier on the route that the individual actually resides there.

    The worst thing about this form is that, although its completion is technically voluntary, failure to do so will result in your mail being returned to sender. Second, the information on this form can be disclosed to law enforcement agencies, and to a host of other agencies without your knowledge or consent. Finally, even though completion of the form is voluntary, you can be prosecuted if you fill it out with false information.

    This is not the end of Big Brother's new interest in private mailboxes. It will be illegal for users of private mailboxes to use the terms â??suite,â? â??apartment,â? â??unit,â? or other similar designations to identify the individual box. The only acceptable designation will be PMB, which stands for private mailbox, or the # symbol. The post office will conduct an advertising campaign to educate the public that these symbols indicate someone is using a private mailbox. At some date, a toll free telephone number will also be established that will tell the caller if the address given is that of a private mailbox outfit.

    Are there any alternatives to the post office's new interest in where and how you receive your mail? The answer is yes, but for how long, is anyone's guess. One alternative is to use a secretarial or office space rental service instead. These businesses charge much more than a traditional private mailbox service to receive your mail, however, because mail receiving and forwarding is only an incidental part of their business, they are not required by law to comply with the postal service directives.

    A second alternative is the so-called â??ghostâ? address. A ghost address simply means you arrange to have your mail forwarded from a real street address to where you wish to receive it. The catch is, that you do not actually live, or have ever lived at the address from which the mail is redirected. This is simple to do. One simply locates a large multi-unit apartment complex in the place you wish to use as an address of record. Large apartment complexes have a constant, ongoing turn over of tenants, and hence forwarding of mail. Another mail forwarding order will not arouse the suspicions of the mail carrier assigned to the route. Simply pick a unit number, and file a change of address card. In a few days, all mail addressed to you at that address would be forwarded to your new location.

    Ultimate mail privacy can be achieved by using the ghost address technique with forwarding to a secretarial service. For now, following these two steps can still keep Big Brother out of your mail.
  9. bigmon

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    A few years ago they tried to make it law that you had to use PMB on the address. I got voted down.

    I think most people here want to use it to get deletions from the CRA's and to mask judgements.

    UPS now owns Mail Boxes ETC. so they have the money to lobby.
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    Re: Re: Question about Private Mail Boxes

    Did not know this. But it makes things a lot clearer now. UPS here in FL are opening UPS Stores in Mail Box Etc locations all over the place.

    I can see in the not too distant futrue UPS giving the USPS a run for its money on general mail delivery.

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