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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by LKH, Jul 2, 2001.

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    I had a collection account from the local cable co. I really don't know where it came from. In any event, Gulf States was the collection agency. I just received notice on Saturday that the cable co. sold the account to OSI Portfolio Services and the collector is now North Shore Agency. The alleged debts' date of last activity is October of 1995. The SOL has passed about 2 1/2 years ago. My question is: can Gulf States continue to report this or must it be removed from my report. I know the new holder can report it, which they have not done yet. The debt is $119. Since I'm in the process of cleaning up my reports, I don't want a collection added to my report so I may just pay if the will agree to not report it. But my main concern is getting Gulf States off my reports. Junum has disputed it several times and they verify it each time.
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    So basically you're saying it's being reported twice by two different people right? If that's the case, that happened to me.

    What I did was dispute BOTH the accounts and BOTH fell off. I stated in my dispute letter that it was duplicate information. One of them has to be correct, not BOTH. In my very lucky case, both disappeared. Guess they couldn't validate huh?

    Also, when you write, tell them you want the name and contact information of the person who validated the debt and start hounding both sides...the threat of legal action may be required. If they sold the debt, they should not be able to legally continue to report it to the bureau.

    I suspect that the CRA isn't validating it myself, but hey, what do I know?
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    Hey LKH!!

    I have never had a chargeoff. I have never been contacted by a collection agency.

    But didn't someone here on the board a long time ago suggest negotiating for a lower payoff and no credit reporting? I admit I am not the best qualified to discuss this but what would you have to lose by offering to pay$60?

    On another matter, did you ever come to any conclusions about how Junum was disputing for us? You know - like DavLV's now famous "suffer the consequences" Lexington dispute.

    As I remember, didn't someone at Junum tell you that Junum let's the CRA's know they are legally representing you? Mirage said he got his Junum letters back and said how Junum disputed (check off list) but he did not say whether the dispute had his name on it or Junum.

    Best regards - Jim

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