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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by SCS, Apr 5, 2001.

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    What happens if the cras don't get verification within re-insert info after 30 days? I got my updated reports 2 or 3 weeks ago and Junum had 3 paid collections removed. Yesterday I received another updated report with the accounts put back on. I guess the collection agency didn't verify within thirty days so Experian deleted it. But when the collection agency got around to verifying the info they put it back on my report. Isn't that illegal? I thought that if they can't verify within 30 days, that's it?
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    Re: Question about the 30 day

    I thought they could reinsert if they let you know within 5 days of reinsertion. Am I right? Someone?
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    Re: Question about the 30 day

    Call Junum. They've said if you get re-inserts that they will get them removed at no cost to you.
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    Re: Question about the 30 day

    The FCRA as amended in the mid-90's made a few changes regarding the re-reporting of negative info that was not verified within the 30 days. Before the change, creditors could re-report the negative data as part of their normal monthly upload. After the amendment, a certified change report had to be provided to the bureaus to re-report the info. Basically, this is nothing more than a piece of paper filled out and signed by a creditor, with the bad data on there.

    Unfortunately, that appears to be what happened in your case.

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