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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by DaveLV, Apr 10, 2001.

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    I had American Express Green, Optima and Corporate until about 1994 when I started having my credit problems. They were all closed by American Express but I paid off everything that was owed directly to Amex without the accounts going to an outside agency.

    Two of the lines still report to the CRAs as of this month as open with no balance.

    I would like to eventually have American Express accounts again at some point after I'm done getting my credit in order. Part of me is reminding me that I have the reporting benefits of having the cards right now without the hassle of actually having to use them or pay on them. My question is when I get my credit clean, will I ever get pre-approvals from Amex having had accounts with them in the past that were delinquent but paid? Will having the active Amex tradelines on my reports stop me from getting pre-approvals from Amex?

    What would you do about this if it were you?
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  3. DaveLV

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    Re: Dave

    Yeah, I read over there every now and then. The signal-to-noise ratio is a lot better here though. I'm willing to wait a while for an answer rather than getting caught up in the mess on that other board.
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    Re: Dave

    Yes, you will get pre-approvals from them. In fact, considering that you paid it off and it has been 7 years you could probably get one right now by applying. If you have any problems, just ask a supervisor to review your app. Good luck!

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