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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Eboni, Oct 22, 2000.

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    I was going throug the arhives and saw that you once posted that AMEX would give you a up to 200-300% of your deposit. Is this true? I have never heard of anyone on the board posting this. Do you know of someone who they did this for?

    My check cleared Friday! Yea! I'm really looking forward to having a nice card to pull out for business functions and to use for travel. I think everyone at work has good credit but me:(
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    RE: Question for Dogman about

    I know this to be true from when looking at AMEX literature from somewhere. It was in Amex print or small sprint -somewhere.
    Nope- I don't know anyone.

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    Dogman-Another question

    Can you advise the department you contacted at AMEX to straighten your sccount out. I appreciate the help. Thanks.
  4. dogman

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    RE: Dogman-Another question

    call 1800 THECARD, they will transfer you to an ACCT MGR at Centurion Bank. The AM will help you out.

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    RE: Dogman-Another question

    Thanks. I have a similar situation-perfect credit accept a small AMEX balance from six years ago. I want to pay it off and possibly get a new card with them. We'll see. Thanks again for the input.


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