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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Howdy, Apr 4, 2001.

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    In a previous post reply regarding the ethics of Credit Repair, you talked about your paid chargeoff and trying to have them removed:

    "I have a chargeoff from a cell phone company for $200. It's listed on my reports as a PAID chargeoff w/ a zero balance. Am I trying to get this off of my report? HELL YES! I have a PAID chargeoff from Target. Am I trying to get this off of my report? HELL YES! "

    I have the same situation with two of my accounts that I paid in 1996 (so I can't use the new FCRA amendment inacted in 1997 regarding first date of delinquency). They both now read paid/chargeoff $0 balance.

    Have you had any success getting the cell phone and Target chargeoff's removed from your credit report? If yes, would you mind sharing your plan of action?

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    I'm a customer of Junum

    They managed to get the Target chargeoff off of 1 report (can't recall which one at the moment) but and I think it came back verified on another. They didn't dispute it on the 3rd CRA yet. Junum hasn't gotten to the cell phone paid chargeoff yet.

    Plan of action? To stick with Junum until my reports are clean! In the meanwhile, I'm not applying for ANY credit until then and I'm also working on exercising my current credit to make it grow.

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