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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by MichaelOH, Apr 1, 2000.

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    I recently was advised by K. Feathers to close 2 Lowes/GECAP accounts that I had never used. I called both Lowes and GECAP and find that those accounts no longer exist in their data base. So I disputed the existence of these accounts with the the CRAs. Get this! Trans Union wrote back claiming that they believed a third party was conducting the dispute, since I hadn't signed my dispute letter. They further implied I should NOT use credit repair clinics. So this very simple dispute they have apparently chosen to make difficult because they believe I am using a clinic. So, oh Wise Board, should I simply resubmit my dispute with a couple of appropriate reminders as to their responsibilities under the FCRA? Should I go ahead and send a copy to the FTC and the Texas Attorney General? Any SPECIFIC instructions/advice is most gratefully accepted.

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