Question never asked here...

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by M, Jan 29, 2001.

  1. M

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    RE: Answer never given here

    Thanks River. I really didn't want to get people upset about my living situation.

    It's refreshing to have people like you and their suggestions around!

    I think we will wait a few months and simply do a refinance.

    Thanks again

  2. M

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    RE: Answer never given here

    J. Edgar,


    I now know that this board will not tolerate hatred.

    This is GREAT!

    My partner and I have been together for 16 years as of last Thanksgiving. My credit screw-ups quit about 5 years ago.

    I now feel as if I can post my questions without hate.

    Now about that last dispute.....

  3. J. Edgar

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    RE: Answer never given here

    Greeting M:

    Congratulations on being together 16 years with your partner. My partner and I celebrated our second anniversary today.

    This is a good forum for learning all about credit and how to deal with credit issues. Occasionally someone will throw things off track by posting irresponsible and/or thoughtless things. It really doesn't happen that often since they changed to format of the board.

    Welcome aboard.
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    RE: THX - A Bit More About Me

    unfortunately not even a regular tan. But I think I react well to the drugs in SF foggy 50-55 degree climate.

    I am your classic anglo-welsh / white fair skinned dude.

    I do well on Waikiki also, with sunblock.
  5. arteagle

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    for the record

    river you sound like one of the two gay men in arkansas who strapped 12 year old jesse dirkhising to a bed and sodomized him to death. maybe you joined j. edgar and raped and killed a young boy after recieving information from the nambla website.

    No i don't believe you did these things but don't accuse me of killing that gay in wyoming. remember, he was in a gay bar with those two who would later kill em. the main motive was robbery as cnn reluctatly admitted. the gay guy thought he was gonna get stuffed in the butt so he went with him.

    i had a close friend from high school who was a shameless gay. he had several partners many night and died of aids in 1993. and as for narth----don't tell me it does work....i'm living proof it does. it just takes time. now i'm going to sleep after a hard days work with my loving wife.this is my last post on this issue.
  6. J. Edgar

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    RE: for the record

    I think this statement clearly speaks for itself. Enough said.

    arteagle wrote:

    and as for narth----don't tell me it does work....i'm living proof it does.
  7. mt

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    RE: for the record

    Yes, but it obviously didn't do anything for his real problem -- HE IS A HUGE @!#$. Pardon my language.

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