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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Desdemona, Jan 17, 2001.

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    I just read on the "unrated" status on Trans Union but I have a question on this that was not asked or answered.
    I have a Hudson and Target card that was charged off and paid in 4/00 (settlement) first it was listed as "payment after chargeoff" I then disputed it and it came back as "Unrated" but it does have payment history attacted to it. 20 x's 90 or more days late. The "unrated" status is as of 4/2000. Same for my Cap 1 charge-off (this too is paid) Is this good or bad?

    On my Equifax my paid charge offs I only have two (Hudson/Target and Cap 1), but only one is mark as a "R9". (That was Cap 1) and the other has no status listed. But has "settlement accepted on this account". Good or Bad?

    My Experian is almost perfect, (that damn Cap 1.)

    Last question: Have a stolen CC on my Equifax as "Account Transferred or sold" Huhh?? (Was the account transferred to the creep that stole my purse?? :) It was not late before it was stolen and I have disputed it twice with all 3 and and only TU removed it. I thought stolen or lost only remaind on for two years, true or not?

    By the way thanks for all the help this board has given me to help with my "issues".
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    RE: Question on the "Unra

    hmmmm...I just looked up my TU report and I found I have an Unrated Status on a closed account too. Never Late. Undesignated Account, Line of Credit $20,000, Most Owed $19896. Mine was a conversion of a Home Equity line of credit. Acct.was closed due to a bank merger. This worked in my favor, as the bank merged with other banks 5 times in 4 years, each new bank closed the accounts out, assigned new account numbers and made my report look like I paid off 20K 5 times on different accounts in the 4 years. Up until this year, they are the only trade lines I had on my reports. Except for that pesky elec. co. collection acct. my ex stuck me with, but it only appears on TU and Equifax. Maybe not for long...
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    RE: Question on the "Unra

    I had a Mervyn's chargeoff (retailers bank) and I had it removed (it was paid). I wrote Retailers a sad sob story letter. They never replied but the chargeoff was then removed mysteriously. I referenced my Target card in the letter (included the acct. #), I think that helped. It showed that I was a valued customer. They gave me a Target card when I had a chargeoff from Mervyns. Go figure. I would write retailers, that route worked for me.
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    RE: Question on the "Unra

    If anyone figures out the "unrated" designation, please let me know too.

    -Alwilda Smith

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