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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Newbie, Mar 27, 2001.

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    WOW!! This site is incredible. I am amazed at the knowledge of the posters here. I think I understand the validation process but I do have a question that you kind folks might be able to answer for me.
    I have a charged off credit card account on my credit reports from 1997. The tradeline is listed by the credit card company but NCO is calling me to collect. I want to start the validation process. Do I send the letters to NCO or the creditor or both? If I receive no answer to the validation letters, do I send copies of the letters and postal receipts to the credit bureaus along with my request to delete the tradeline? Thank you for any info you can give.
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    Re: Question on Validation Pro

    Hi lizardking (I had a friend who raised this huge iguana :) when you say send the mail certified, I was wondering if that new signature confirm would be as good or better? I used it when I had to send something really important to my car loan people (Central PA to Denver). It's the one where you use the hot pink barcode slip and you use it with Prioity Mail. Anyway they told me they didn't get it by the deadline (1 week) well I got on and pulled it up and told them that J DOE signed for it at 10:45am THREE days before it was due AND I had his signature faxed to me and the loan jerk! Funny, they backed down instantly and they have never given me a hint of trouble! :)

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