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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Zoe, Feb 9, 2001.

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    I had a Chapter 13 that we cancelled before it ever went to court. I am trying to get it off my reports. I disputed is with all three bureaus. On Tuesday I got a notice from Trans Union saying they were starting their investigation. The next day I get a letter saying the investigation is finished and they had verified! I don't see how they could have done it so quickly. In a fit of rightous indignation, I fired a letter back saying that: 1) They are wrong. 2)I want the name, address and phone number of the person who verified this info. and 3) I called the court clerk's office and they have no record of Trans Union making a inquiry. No I am second guessing myself. Do you think I helped or hurt my cause with this second letter? What should my approach be if the evil twins, Equifax and Experian send my report back verified?
    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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    RE: Question re deleting Chapt

    What do you mean, 'cancelled before it ever went to court'?

    Cancelled by whom?

    Either you FILED, or you didn't. To say it was 'cancelled' would imply that something WAS initiated (the filing).

    If you filed, you filed and THAT'S what's reported to the CRA's. AFTER that, it's updated with the status (i.e., discharged, dismissed).

    Are you sure you didn't have it dismissed because you didn't start (or complete) the payments over 5 years?
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    You can file but not go throug

    My atty told me the same thing. When you file a bk you can, in essence, withdraw it before your meeting of the creditors.

    You're right though... in actuality the public record should only be changed from discharged (you went through w/it and it's over) to dismissed.

    There seems to be a reoccurring sentiment that the bureaus may not really bother verifying Bks even w/their correct channels. So if you have no other proof of a bk (no tradelines included in bk) saying it was dismissed may be a way to get it removed.

    It seems less like credit removal than "not mine" and hoping they don't verify at all. Less likely that an erroneous bk pops up on your report than an error in the dismissal/ or discharge. maybe it's a perception of credibility on the part of the dispute.
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    RE: Question re deleting Chapt

    As i have posted before I did the same thing. Filed a 13 but didn't go through with it. I disputed it with all 3 bureaus and it was removed from Equifax and Experian. Trans Union has it as filed - dismissed which is actually how it should be. I am going to dispute it again but don't hold much hope for having it removed. The point is if you filed, it will be reported as such. I lucked out in getting it removed from the 2 but it will most likely remain on TU as it should.

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