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  1. Ms. Cinder

    Ms. Cinder Active Member

    This is a silly question...but really I don't know.... When sending a dispute you send it to the company or to the collection agency??? ...I really don't know...I'm thinking the agency...but ....I'm not to sure...and I'm trying to get a bankruptcy off my credit...
  2. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    Dispute letters are what you send to the CRAs (Consumer Reporting Agencies) like Equifax, Experian, TransUnion.

    Validation letters are what you send to the CAs (collection agencies) or the original creditor, whoever is placing the information on your credit reports.

    If you are going to send such a letter, I urge you to read past posts on what to say and more importantly what NOT to say. Use the search feature and look for things like "validataion letter" "dispute" etc...Good Luck.

    -Peace, Dave
  3. Nave

    Nave Well-Known Member

    After re-reading your post, I think (maybe) what you are asking is, "When sending a Validation letter, would you send it to the CA or the original creditor?"

    Some would say deal ONLY with the original creditor, ignore the CA as if they did not exist, after all you did NOT sign any kind of contract with them, they bought your debt from the original creditor. Sounds simple...if only it were.

    Others would take the CA on and make them eat the debt they bought. Since you don't owe them the money, it seems like it would be easy to deal with them, it isnt.

    If only there are as many answers as there are solutions, ONE. Deletion of the wrong information!

    Since you say you are trying to get a "BK removed", I assume you mean from your credit report, then you would be sending the dispute letter directly to the CRA.

    -Peace, Dave

    BTW There are NO silly questions! Keep asking.
  4. Ms. Cinder

    Ms. Cinder Active Member

    Thanks Dave...thats what I wanted to know...where to send the dispute letter.....I called the lawyers that filled the bk for my ex...and told them I wanted it removed from my credit...she told me she would call me back...but of course she didn't now I want to send a dispute them...

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