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    JWPs'2 cents hain't worth a nickel
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    Re: Dear JWP please read this and

    Wow, Marie. I didn't know you went through so much adversity. No wonder you're so knowledgeable.

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    Re: Dear JWP please read this and

    Wow Marie...YOU ARE THE HERO...I did not know Collection Agencies are so bad...All respects to you...
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    Re: Dear JWP please read this and

    Gulf State Credit aka OSI is one of them
  5. cinderella

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    No JWP I do not agree with your condemning opinion of those trying to repair their credit. I think you are some conservative anal-retentive die hard Rush Limbaugh worshiping fool.

    Your preaching seems to indicate a person with a very sheltered background lacking compassion for others who may have been less fortunate than yourself.

    I am not implying everyone who attemtps to repair their credit has been faced with a catastrophe (medical problems, death in family, divorce, job layoff, identity theft, etc). But most people repairing their credit have gone through some kind of crisis at one point, and are trying to recover from the effects a crisis may have on one's life, including credit.

    Some people just had no concept of credit and learned the hard way and are trying to fix the mistakes of their past.

    I would much rather see someone realize their mistakes and make an effort to fix them then to continue on blindly repeating the problems that got them in trouble for starters. For those that suffered some crisis that led to poor credit, which happens to be my case and many others, best of luck to them all.

    If you can't understand this, then you are one cold fish.
  6. cinderella

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    By the way, the Insurance company that refused to pay for medical treatment for me, claiming my condition was prexisting/congenital, lost in court and we eventually settled. I then settled with most of my creditors, including the 12 medical accounts that were in collection. It took almost a year to settle with the collection agencies for deletion of the accounts. Like you, the CA's did not care the insurance company refused to provide medical treatment and I got stuck with the bills.
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    I guess when my best friends husband cheated on her, gave her HIV and then charged up a fortune in debt and left her, it was up to her to pay the 60K in bills he left behind. I guess she should have worked 24/7 and put her kids up for adoption to pay those bills. The collection agencies came after her. Her credit was ruined. She lost her home. Her kids went into foster care anyway. No one gave a damn what happened to her. She went on public assistance, much to her heartbreak. She was sued 4 times. Her bank accounts were seized, her tax refunds taken. If she were on this board she would virtually kick your arrogant ass. She isn't here, and you can guess why. I am here for myself, and for her, and people like her who had some sh**ty circumstances dictate the course of their (our) lives. It wasn't her fault her husband was a piece of trash. Its wasn't her fault that he figured he would charge up a fortune before his illness claimed him. It wasnt her fault the creditors came after her, but they did.

    Take a look outside your glass house and try to buy an ounce of human compassion, since you obviously dont have any of your own. Marie was right. Karma is a b*tch on the come back.
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    I forgot to add that if you have a heart at all, you will (hopefully) be thinking *wow, I didnt know that these things really happened to people." Thats right. YOu dont know because the vast majority of people here arent looking for sympathy. They are looking for ways to rebuild their lives, and answers to their questions. Contrary to what you want to believe, this isnt simply a bunch of deadbeats looking for a way to beat the system. Just because we dont lay our personal lives out in black and white for your approval doesnt mean we arent honest decent people. Most of us are people who ran into trouble and are trying to dig our way out. You dont know whom among us is legally blind, handicapped in some way, terminally ill, elderly, or taking care of someone else children, or someone else's responsibilities, but we are here. We know who we are, and thats enough.

    And even if we are or were a bunch of deadbeats, that doesnt mean we shouldnt try to find the best way possible to rebuild, move up, and move on. Everyone has a right to rise above....
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    Re: Dear JWP please read this and

    OMG!! I used to work for Perimeter credit!! LOL how funny!!!............I KNEW they'd get into trouble sooner or later....just think about if they treat their accounts like that how they treat their employees!!.....I can tell you horror stories....

    Glad they got theirs!

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