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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by badlieut, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I finally registered after weeks of perusing the boards and searching on questions that I had. My wife and I bought a house back in March and refinanced to 6.00% in July so I am really just trying to raise our scores (mine 572 FICO, her's 581) because I'll need a car in a year or so. I was using the credit report from my mortgage company from January to search for questions I had, and I just pulled a 3n1 via Equifax yesterday. I still have quite a few questions that I'm hoping I can get some advice on.

    1)I have 2 Retailer National Bank accounts (Target, Hudsons) that are paid charge-offs on EQ and EX (TU not reported). They were joint accounts with wife (at the time fiancee). They went to a CA in mid-2001, and I paid them off by June or July 2002. Looking at the 3n1, RNB did an inquiry in Feb 2002 for what I don't know. I'll have to pull my wife's report and see if it is there as well. It looks like I have grounds for a no-permissable purpose for the inquiry. Should I send a letter asking for them to remove the 2 paid charge-offs from our report and $1,000 (or 2,000 if the inquiry is on her report)? How should I phrase that?

    2)TU is the only CRA that shows the PAID Collection of the aforementioned RNB accounts. It shows two paid collections for the two accounts. It does not show a collector, it just shows the two account numbers with 4 numbers added to the end. The contact list does not show the CA I was dealing with. Would this be easy to dispute as "not mine" or should I persue another direction? How could they verify if they don't know who to contact?

    3)Why does EX for account status show stuff like "CUR was 90" while the other CRAs say "As Agreed" when my 24 month history is clean? I did have lates a long time ago. I've been using a CCCS to reduce my debt and it has been working for me. Plus, the lates vary so much from one CRA to the other. It may have really affected the rate I got for our mortgage in March.

    Thanks in advance for your replies on these. I've been steadily learning but I don't have a lot of time to really dig like I wish I could. I've been working two jobs for over 4 years trying to get the debts down, so my free time is limited.

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