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    I am new to this board and absolutely love it. It has inspired me to post a message to get some feedback. Please answer the following questions if you can.

    1. If you filed bankruptcy and your debts are listed on your credit report as "included in bankruptcy" could you dispute them?

    2. Does anyone have the retention number to FCNB? I would like to ask for an increase.

    3. What's the best secured card out there?

    Thanks for your help.
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    I can only address the first part of your post.
    Why put up with the bankruptcy in the first place.
    Yours is a situation that I have not yet encountered, so it may require some special handling that I don't know about.
    Mostly though, you probably just need to use some common sense to figure out the answer to your problems.
    I think it should work out that you will be better off attacking at the source of the problem.
    Since the laws are what they are, you are probably reduced to "spamming" techniques which sometimes work.
    By spamming, I mean repeated requesting that the report of bankruptcy be investigated. There are ways to go at it that require the Credit Bureaus to do a lot more than normal legwork to verify and if you use them, you may catch them with their pants down and unable to verify due to heavy work loads. I have been told that the best time to go for verifications is around xmas time.
    I wouldn't demand verification on a monthly basis on a bankruptcy case if I were having to fight one.
    However, if you are successful in gettting the bankruptcy deleted, then you can go after the other reports one at a time.
    Good luck.
    Bill Bauer

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