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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tweested, Aug 25, 2003.

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    To cut to the chase, last friday I received a phone call at work from a collections agency. This was for a Discover Card that was charged off 4 years ago (I live in MA and the SOL is 6 years). On my Privacy Guard reports, TU is reporting that it was a paid collections and the balance to be zero. Unfortunatly, that was from a real low point in my life, and I don't have any documents for any kind of proof.

    At the time I had a few other cards, and I know I eventually paid off a couple of them, but I really kept no records, and don't even know myself for sure. I told the guy I was going to send a validation letter, and a partial cease and desist to stop phone communications. He says that they don't do mail correspondence at all, and if I send a C&D they would send it to the legal department. Is that possible? IMO I think he's full of it, but could that be true? Another thing I'd want to know is if there was any possiblity of a deletion. That's the only way I would be willing to talk to this guy and expedite the process. I know that Discover is a real pain in the ass to delete, and I'm afraid to ask the collector, as I don't want to reveal anything to him. Bah, this ended up being longer than I thought :) . Thanks in advance for your time....
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    If it was sold to the CA it could report like that as well.

    He's full of it - buy a tape recorder.

    Don't jump the gun. Start with the validation and see where that gets you first. Its 4 years old.
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    1*He says that they don't do mail correspondence at all
    2*Another thing I'd want to know is if there was any possiblity of a deletion.

    THE END ** *** ** LB 59.1* Should that automatically take the
    account out of collections and remove the negative information from my credit report.
    2*should I just pay them $1K and call it a day.
    1*About the only thing automatic is the screwing one gets from scoring and reporting.
    2*Never never ever just pay anything.Good way to get railroaded!
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