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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Steve880, Sep 10, 2003.

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    A while back I got behind in payments to Citibank for my CC. The account has since been closed and as I've been making payments I was told my interest would drop (it's at 19.8%!!) back to around 12%. They informed me I would need to be current for 6 months or so. What compounds this is the fact the account is over the credit line so I am getting racked with a $29 OTL fee every month too. I got my statement today and it the interest rate dropped slightly to 16.9%. I feel I am getting taken here. My credit reports do not read very negatively anymore. I have been rehabilitating my credit slowly over the past few years. Still not enough to get the lowest rates, but I should be there soon.

    Do I have any kind of recourse against Citibank? I feel they are being extremely unfair (I know they don't care about that), but I want to see if I have any laws on my side.


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