RAB takeover of CLC Credit Card

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by robocop3, Dec 8, 2009.

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    I started a new thread because It seemed that the RAB is evil thread was being hijacked, and secondly, I have some info on the CLC RAB epic quest to pay!
    The number on the manage-my-card site is incorrect the number on my statement is 1-866-536-6631. I called this number and got a message that said that it is the CLC RAB line then it goes strait to Nancey's voice mail !?!
    If you listen to the message long enough it also says that a payment can be made at RABINC dot com\payments So I went to the site and there was two options pay by CC or check. I thought it odd that you could pay by CC and there was no indication that the payment would go to my CLC card. I found another phone number next to the payment amount field that said to call if I had questions about your balance. I called the number and to my surprise someone answered. I asked about my payoff balance because I wanted to just be done with this company. The lady couldn't find my account nor could she comprehend that the situation was not a collections issue she repeatedly asked for a RAB number but my statement only had the CC account number She asked me to call back tomorrow morning. I asked her what about the past due fees,"are they going to be waived because you have no idea how I can pay you?", She hung up. I checked the sketchy payment site again and indeed it asked for a number from your collection letter; so I decided to send a Money Order to them by mail because I didn't want a CA with this kind of rep.to have my Checking info. :(
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    That's the wisest thing to do under any conditions. I think we probably should never make payments to debt collectors with a personal check or even a debit card. A money order or a cashier's check is always better in my opinion. Debt collectors hate to be paid that way because it means another few days before they actually get credit for your payment. You can often get a huge discount out of a debt collector during the last couple of days or so before the end of the month because your payment will help make the monthly quota for their bonus check but the money has to be collected before the end of the month in order to count. Send the payment by mail and they not get credit for it.

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