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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tom65432, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    I am slowly beginning to agree with some of the posters here that the scores are generated by a random number generator. Nothing else makes sense.

    My TU report is perfect - no negatives. The only bad thing there is very high balances on my credit cards which pull my score down. Each month I pay a little more on each card, gradually reducing the balance. I do not use the cards any more, I just pay them down.

    My score went from 702 to 698 by reducing my balance by about $100. Then it jumped to 728 by reducing my balance a little more.

    My Equifax score (through CE) started at 666. It stayed there until a paid collection dropped off and jumped one point for that. It stayed there, never moving, until today. By reducing my debt by another $100 or so, I lost 13 points. No other changes.

    This whole thing is stupid. I try to do the right things. No inquiries for 8 months on any of my reports. Stopped using all my cards so my balance decreases every month. Got my last negative off my report. I have done everything right and I lose points.

    I don't need an answer, just venting.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    I paid $30,000+ in one month and lost points, (I know it will come up again) NO I DID NOT BT, OR OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT...
  3. Hal

    Hal Well-Known Member

    I couldn't resist the irony of this portion of your post:

    Halloween approaching, a score of 666, and 13 points lost on your score. : )
  4. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    I also picked up on the 666 score. Someone is telling me something, I just don't know what.

    I went back and reviewed my CE report again. It is identical to the last one, except that my balance on one card went down by $53.

    By their scoring model, I moved from medium risk to medium high risk.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

  6. tom65432

    tom65432 Well-Known Member

    No one will give me anything until I get my balances down. No use in wasting an inquiry.

    Anyway, my score dropped to 654 by reducing my balances by $53. So I don't have the 666 problem any more.

    GEORGE Well-Known Member

    Hurry and go spend $54 to see if you get 667...
  8. lbrown59

    lbrown59 Well-Known Member

    Sure you lose points;
    Fico is set up to lose points no matter what you do.
    That makes it a ripoff!

    That's the Ans. needed or not.
  9. Quixote

    Quixote Well-Known Member

    I think that the Randoom Number Generator is powered by a Mood Ring. Or a Lava Lamp.
  10. Katco

    Katco Well-Known Member

    Dispute an acct (postive one) as not yours.
    TU deleted my car loan, score jumped 60pts. Of couse it is back now. Dispute something you know reports like clockwork. Just my 2 cents

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