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    My debt to income ratio is:26.My credit score is 590. This is all latin to me,can someone please tell me if this is good, fair, or bad. I wa approved for a "credit builders" Chevron card yesterday with $200.00 limit w/$50 annual fee.I have applied for at least 7 unsecured visa cards in the last 2 months and have been turned down. Need to establish a credit profile at the tender age of 38(for real!). Never realized unti several years ago how important credit is in someones life. Never had n e finacial worries because had a sig. other with outstanding credit history and never needed 2 worry 4 n e thing til now 20 years later and w/o him.N e advice?
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    You must have some outstanding monthly payments. your debt to income ratio is a ratio of what you pay monthly to what you gross monthly. For example, if you had $100 worth of monthly debt payments, and you grossed $1000 per month, then your debt to income ratio would be 10%. (100/1000 = 0.1 or 10%)

    Your credit score is made up of a few components:
    Your payment history - how have you paid your existing debt obligations? do you have collections or judgements?, etc.
    How much do you owe - for revolving credit this also includes the ratio of your balances to your limits, i.e. Are your balances near the limit.
    Length of history - If your history is short, you are a bigger credit risk because they don't have enough info on which to base their decision
    Recent credit - how much new credit or recent inquiries do you have?
    Types of credit - Do you have all store cards, all revolving lines, all installment loans, etc.

    For more info on the credit score, go to www.fairisaac.com, and choose the "Demystifying FICO" link.
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    Read "me"'s post. It's good info.

    A 590 FICO score is not good. Good scores bgin about 625. You are a candidate for subprime loans (like Chevron). Don't apply for so much credit in a short amount of time.

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