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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Flagirl, Aug 15, 2001.

  1. Flagirl

    Flagirl Well-Known Member

    Hi all!
    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the information regarding CHEX. I used a letter that was so graciously posted here to dispute an item that was on there. And AMAZINGLY I got the results of the investigation yesterday and it was TAKEN OFF!!!! YEAH!

    Now, my question is, can I use the same letter (just re worded) to dispute the two other items they have on me? One was a collection that was paid off, and another is a check that bounced back in 98 that,ashamedly (is that a word?), I have not paid.
    Any one with any feedback??
  2. KristyW

    KristyW Well-Known Member

    I didn't know Chexsystems was now keeping track of collections!
  3. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

    Do you remember when you got the letter that was posted on here? I was going to go search for it. I just ordered my report from them yesterday and I'm sure I have something on there that needs to be cleared up.
  4. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

    Nevermind, I found it.
  5. jmart

    jmart Well-Known Member

    Can you please post the link for it?


  6. kbelle72

    kbelle72 Well-Known Member

  7. Flagirl

    Flagirl Well-Known Member

    It was a bounced check that had gone into collections...sorry that wasn't clear.
  8. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    Is there any help for closed checking accounts?

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