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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by JD, Feb 5, 2001.

  1. JD

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    See my previous post "DOES THIS QUALIFY"
    I called Ford Credit (ended up talking to someone in Nebraska when I dialed 800 number) I gave them the account number of my first loan (the one with over 30 late and over 60 late) and they said their records only indicated over 30 late once, nothing else. They must have been looking at my re-financed (second) loan and had no record of my first loan?? Question is: should I dispute the first entry on my crs by saying that it is not mine or should I ask them to verify? Or is it Ford's responsibility to have it taken off?
  2. jamie

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    JD: How'd ya like the run-a-round? Well, there probably is 2 account numbers and your first loan is archived. I'm still waiting since Nov. for them to dig the records up. They store them somewhere far far away I guess. Don't count on them not finding them. Ford keeps very good records. I'd try the duplicate/or not mine route with the CRA's and see what happens. Don't give them too much information. You don't want to admit to them that you refinanced. Did you say anything to Ford about the other acct number?
  3. JD

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    Hi Jamie - I believe I gave them the older account # or maybe I gave them my SS#. Anyway - I asked him what info he would give to the crs if they verified and he said just what he had told me! If the CRs can't verify the late info, won't they remove it? I just think that one of the reports should go away. Hopefully the worse one. By the way, if you are waiting so long for your records why wouldn't the cras have to wait just as long? I wonder if they have a time-limit for verifying and getting info back that they have requested? (By the way, I didn't buy a Ford from them (a Jeep) if I had bought a Ford I'd have doubled my trouble!
  4. jamie

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    Ask that question and you get a run-a-round of a different color. Thats what I wanted to know. I did finally get them to remove the dup. and got a $0 bal. on the charge off. Can anyone tell me how a loan is charged off when it was never late according to Ford & the CRA's. I told my story between the two for so long, I don't know how many times Ford said the info. didn't come from there. CRA's say Ford verified. Ford did tell me that my account was verified 4 times last year alone by CRAs and they were told the balance was $0. JD, I'd dispute as not mine and let them prove it if they verify. Experian finally sent me the transmittal from Ford. Which showed acct charged off, $0 balance and no history.
  5. Mary

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    My experience...

    is that Ford verifies everything. (I had a lease, then bought the car, so I have two loans showing also, 1 negative, 1 positive.) I'm not sure how they do this, since they cant seem to pull up my info when I ask for an account history, or when I ask them to mail me my title (paid off the car last month) but verify a bad debt? Oh sure, they can pull that up in no time...

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