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  1. Esther

    Esther Guest

    I received 4 days ago
    A Pre-Approved Visa Card Acceptance Certificate
    From Wachovia
    For this Gold Visa card . at 10.9 % not an intro rate
    For a credit limit of 12,000$

    Has any one had any experience with them ?
    I did try the search ,,but I could not find anything about them
    Please could you advise ?
    Thank You

  2. JP

    JP Guest

    Wachovia is one of the best prime card lenders around. They have very good rates and are very selective. They are about as selective as it gets, so consider yourself one of the privileged few to get an offer from them.

  3. Steven Z

    Steven Z Guest

    The reason you did not find anything about Wachovia in your search is

    1. This site (and others like it) are visited mainly by those with "damaged" credit and who are seeking information or making complaints about sub-prime companies.

    2. The few with good credit who do complain about prime banks reserve their wrath for the likes of First USA and Providian or the high annual fees charged by American Express.

    The only gold offer most here see is typically from some scam catalog company or Capital One's version which is from $200-$500, yes I kid you not this is not some sick joke on my part (perhaps Capital One's) contrast that with your offer of up to 12k and undoubtedly no lower than $5000 and the difference is blinding.

    The fact that Wachovia, who as JP says is one of the best prime card lenders around offered you a pre-approved card demonstrates that you have excellent credit, this is a company that declines 95% of its applicants! I wouldn't doubt that many other banks make you similar offers on a regular basis.
  4. Esther

    Esther Guest

    RE: Re WACHOVIA ?thank you

    Thank you for the replies .

    I have seen comments or Next card
    and Discover
    and I have them both ...
    I will send the invitation

    Again thank you very much .
  5. sam

    sam Well-Known Member

    RE: Re WACHOVIA ?thank you

    Us southerners call them "walk-all-over-ya" really crappy bank service (B&M) here in ATL.

    But they have a great rate card if you qualify for a $6K platinum at nextcard you'll probably get a wachovia card.

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