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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by keltexx, Jul 6, 2001.

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    The vermin at Risk Management Alt. have put another hard inquiry on my equifax report-I think. Anyone know what the code REA is classified? I asked them for a validation about a year ago. They sent me a word printout for calls I made using MCI. I have a copy of my check for this payment, which I have sent to MCI numerous times for investigation.

    After I got their validation, which indicated that the payment had never been applied, I sent them a C&D letter. This was in January.

    I have not been contacted with them, but do these inquiries count as Hard? Can they do this even after I have C&D them? Should I send a them a copy of the check? This account is scheduled to remain on my report until 10/2004-and the SOL is up in Oct of this year (account reported as delenquent date of 10/97).
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    I don't know what that code means either, but am also having a problem with RMA. A few months ago they sent me a letter stating that they had an account with MCI for me from 1997 and demanding payment. I sent them a letter asking for verification and heard nothing. Then I got a new copy of my Equifax report and this item is showing up. I sent them another letter stating that they had failed to validate this debt and therefor were violating my rights by placing the item on my credit report, I then asked again for proof and demanded that they remove the item from my credit report immediately. That letter was dated May 30....I have still heard nothing from them. I am not sure if the item is still on my report, I am waiting for a new copy as a result of other disputes. Has anyone else had similar experiences, or does anyone have advice?

    Sorry so long.

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    Well, I have some advice on what not to do. Don't even bother calling MCI for assistance-they have some Lame *ss "Research Department" in Earth City, MO that they will give as an address for you to dispute with them.

    Sent those suckers 2 requests for investigation, copies of cancelled checks and all. Nothing, nada, zipp.

    Phone companies-I am sick of them and their complete Disorganization. I am about ready to just revert to smoke signals, or two cans with a string inbetween.

    Fed up with this mess,

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