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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by bg, Mar 29, 2000.

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    I'm wondering if John is the former Joseph Smith, who enlightened us with his CCB insight a few days ago...

    You know how these guys are...they're always going to "help", by telling everyone all they have to do is pay the damned bill on time, and then when they get snowed under with the truth, they disappear into the sunset...

    I will say, however, I managed to get my wife's account closed and it only took 2 months, 4 letters to CCB, 2 letters to DE Bank Commission, and one to the FDIC...I'm still waiting on the response from the FL Atty. General, but since CCB was copied on all of it, maybe they decided not to play their games...and I even have confirmation of closing the account IN WRITING!!!...

    Being that they still owe a refund on a disputed 27 dollar charge, and one of their idiot puppets in Delaware is still trying to figure out how to dispute all the facts that the Bank Commission keeps sending, maybe we'll end up with 2 refund checks, rather than one...

    Nah, that would not be like CCB to do the right thing...
  3. Joseph Smi

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    I am still here! Its still the same pay your bill on time every month and you don't have any hassels with ccb. Those that won't read the credit card agreement and then won't pay are the ones that complain the most!!!!!
  4. TMP

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    I agrre with you Joe. I have never had any problems with you guys, probably because I pay what I owe and sometimes a bit more. Unfortunately the ones who do pay there bills sometimes will get screwed if they sent it a few days late or missed a payment because a family emergency occured. I have had times that I didn't pay a credit card bill because something more important came up, but I paid the late fee and the original amount and never had problems. I think that people like to spend, spend, spend and when they have to pay, pay, pay they cry fire and blame the card companies for their mistakes. I feel no pity for people who abuse the system. It would be nice if you could get money from card companies for free and not pay back..but that is fantasy land and not real life. So if you get a card make sure you can always pay it every month and not stop and try to pay a few days or a week early so you know for sure that the money is there. Also call your bank and check your account every day to know when a check has cleared or not so you don't have to worry if a payment was received or not.
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    Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN THI

    You still chewing on the pay your bill crap.
    Joseph, read the complaints 95% are complaints not related to paying bill on time or overlimit fees, caused by the customer. CCB and you are a bunch of CROOKS,
    who steal money out of peoples account
    without authorization. They hold payments
    until there late to charge fees. When CCB and you make an error you shaft the customer
    anyway. One instance, CCB made an error
    admitted it was CCB's error, took 4 months
    to get it cleared up. And forced the customer
    to pay for fees incured by CCB's errors.
    Your good ole CCB told this customer that
    they could not take the charges off once
    they have been added. Know does that sound
    fair to you. If it does you need to get your head out of ROCCO's rear so you can smell the flowers and see that CCB is the worst kind of company in the business. Even the experts in the credit field agree that CCB
    is the worst kind of scum to ever be in the business. You can blow a tune up Rocco's
    butt all you want. But anybody checking this
    board out about CCB will know that to do business with CCB is the biggest mistake
    they could ever make. And those that have cancelled there cards after seeing this board
    are the smart ones. and those that will cancel there's after reading this board are
    also smart. And the quicker we can run CCB out of business the better the sub-prime
    market will be. These people don't deserve the kind of crap CCB puts them through.
    I will agree there are customers of CCB
    that use there cards irresponsably. Those
    people you should shaft. But CCB makes everybody suffer for those few that are bad.
    You need to read all the entry's on this board and then you will understand. But first
    You and John have to get you heads out of Rocco's butt.
  6. gs

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    on here that praise CCB, then a few months later they come on here and say I can't believe what CCB did to me. I used to think they were great boy was I stupid. Not everyone gets shafted by CCB, but there are more that get shafted than those that don't.
    I hope you don't come back months from now
    saying I was a fool. I would never send my worst enemy to CCB. That's more cruel than
    murder. I had a CCB one time no problems
    But what they did to other people I know
    and a family member, woke me up to the kind of company they really are. and for that if
    I can keep, one person from making the mistake of getting a card from CCB then
    so be it. everyone is entitled to there
    opinion and I stated mine.
  7. Did you kn

    Did you kn Guest

    No sense in repeating yourself as TMP=portercm a defender of CCB.
  8. Elise

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    Joseph, you are full of S***
    WHY then does CCB charge a 29.9% Interest (ILLEGAL IN NEW YORK where the MAX is 24.9%) and not rectify the situation. THE LAW states that any amount in DISPUTE does NOT have to be paid. Well in this case the entire amount is in dispute because of the ILLEGAL "Usary" fee added to every month's balance!
  9. Len

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    TMP, you don't know what you are talking about. Sending payment late or missing payments was never a problem. Cross Country's dishonesty is the problem.
    Another smug CCB customer who lives in a fools paradise, believing himself actually immune to Cross Country abuses. Learn the hard way, bury your head a little deeper in ignorance and denial. I did, for nearly two years.
    Actually suggesting Cross Country as a viable credit option is irresponsible and downright idiocy.
  10. dw

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    RE: Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN

    Well said! I concur. I finally got rid of them hasseling me. I let them "write me off" as a bad debt. Didn't even have to pay what I rightfully owed, which was only about 20% of what they were trying to get from me!! Next, I file my rebuttal on my own credit report. Screw them and their pathetic little followers!!!
  11. TMP

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    Who is portercm?
  12. doh!

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    Oh whaw, whaw, whah!! You need Jesus.
  13. Joseph Smi

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    RE: Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN

    CCB is one of the few companies that puts it writing mail your check 12 to 14 days ahead to allow for processing. CNN 3 months ago ran a special one hour feature about how the credit card industry practices slow payment processing to incur a late the 2 banks named citicorp (primary co.)and Bank of America. Fee's are how all banks make money for profit, that is the american way isn't it? One instance about stealing, that is a crime right?, a cardholder ordered a magazine Field and Stream then cancelled the order after it was charged to the acct. Well after some fighting i was able to get 96$ credited back to the acct as for the charge the cardholder sd it my responsibility to get the money back from the outside vendor not their's (notice how I spelled their) not one payment has been made since. The obession you have with ROCCOS' but maybe you should contact him! As for the postings on this board give me your last names and zipcode so I can see how many payments have been missed how many times the acct has been over the limit. I call people everyday that say I make all my payments on time. Then why am I calling them?? All the people that I talk have missed atleast 3 payments in a row that's a 90 day delq acct. If you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.
  14. Did you al

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    Why you are

    Author: portercm (
    Date: 03-28-2000 12:15

    You must be crazy!!! You need Jesus!


    Author: doh!
    Date: 03-31-2000 20:50

    Oh whaw, whaw, whah!! You need Jesus.
  15. Len

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    RE: Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN

    If this character's for real, he's reason enough alone that Cross Country should be avoided. Does anyone really want to deal with a business that has total contempt for customers?
  16. Don

    Don Well-Known Member

    CCB was ALWAYS paid on time, well in advance...CCB was also the only credit card company where we had to watch them carefully to the point of getting cancelled checks from the bank to verify payment...
  17. Meredith

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    RE: Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN

    Its BELANGER and 53545, please while your at it please post the interest rate i was being charged on my visa. i am very sure that it was somewhere around like 38% and that my cust agreement said 22.9%. I belive this hike in the interest rate to be um due to a payment that was late, even though it had cleared the bank before the due date right when i opened the account, in april of 1999. It took me about 3 months to clear this up and numerous copies of the checks. Please let me know, it will save me a long distance phone call. Also let me know if both accounts are closed and have zero or credit balances. it will make it much much easier on me and my attorneys when i call again next week.
  18. BOB

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    RE: Read CCB from JOSEPH, THEN

    Joseph and John are Rocco cronies, They
    should read all the material on this board
    about all the banks. They will find that there is no other bank on here that is
    hated as much as CCB. They will also find
    there is no other bank as CROOKED as CCB.
    And as long as this board is here for people
    to warn each other about CROOKED BANKS,
    we the people are going to tell each other
    to stay as far away from CCB as possible.
    If the young people that are trying to get
    there credit started for the first time
    read this they will know not to go to CCB.
    If nothing else we can save them from making
    a mistake that could hurt them for years,
    and keep them from getting a good start
    in life.
  19. TMP

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    did you know

    Well did you know, I don't care what you think or say I have my opinion and you have yours, if you don't like mine then f*** you and quit slandering my name. You must not have anything more important to do then match names with everyone.
  20. BOB

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    RE: did you know

    Whaaaaa, Whaaaaaaaa! The problem you have TMP
    ia you go through your young life with blinders on, which means you just see straight ahead, and not whats going on around you. You think that because CCB hasn't
    done anything to you YET, that they are a great company. Well, look around and read evrything you can on this board about CCB.
    You will find out their not as good as you think. All these people can't be making up
    the same stories without some truth being there. Call the Better Business Bureau and
    see just how good they are. Yes you are entitled to you opinion, but don't put other
    people down just because they disagree with you. If you ever had done to you what CCB has done to some of these people you would
    be irate also. So cool off with the language,
    and understand these people have been ripped-off by CCB. Just remember, because they
    haven't done it to you, does not mean they
    haven't done it to these other people.

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