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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Momof3, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. Momof3

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    Well I received my TU report from our local moronic office on Friday. They are reporting my former xcom account which was taken over by EMCC as being charged off as a bad debt, of course this is completely wrong, this account was paid off and never late. I called them on Friday and asked what the hours were for the public, the lady said well I can take your dispute over the phone ( funny a few weeks ago they told me no to phone disputes) I said NO I will be there Monday , I asked how they verfied, she said normally by phone, I said fine I will be there and I will remain there until you call them I will even dial the number, I will then wait for you to correct this account and I will stand there and wait for my updated report!!!!!! In case she couldn't tell I am very pissed about this! I will keep everyone posted on my Monday visit:)
  2. jtw

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    Hi Mom, i am currently having a similar problem with EMCC acct. They reported me late 2 times 30 days and in fact I have never ever been late with them. I was furious with them. I contacted the higher ups at emcc. i have disputed the trade line with trans union and 30 days will be up on monday. i am hoping the info will be deleted. I spoke to Mary Smith there. They sent me a letter overnight by fed ex stating my account had never been late. They had no explanation why they reported me as late. If this doesn't come off my credit on Monday or if they say verified I am going to sue them. I still owe $600 on the acct was close to a $1000. They (emcc) can't be trusted to report info accurately to the cra. i have all my records and i know i have never been late. We work so hard to keep our credit clean and then somebody like emcc makes us look bad to the bureau. we should file a class action lawsuit against them for doing this to us. they should have to pay us some damages for the harm they have caused. i am furious over it. the president of credit and collections is a guy named Carl Steinman. He left me a voice mail but I never spoke to him. I spoke to the lady under him Mary Smith. I'm calling tu on monday to see if this is being taken off. Let me know if you need a phone number.
  3. Momof3

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    Thanks. I am sorry you are going through this as well. I think I remember LKH posting he had the same problem. Let me know what happens with yours and I will let you know my results on Monday. The are going to be in for a big surprise from me, b/c I am not leaving their little office until they correct this right in front of me. I spoke with a woman as well at EMCC, not sure of her name, but she of course acted shocked and stated they always reported my account in good standing, hmmmmm makes me wonder if it's them, TU or both. This account ONLY appears on TU, thank goodness.
  4. breeze

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    EMCC was reporting mine, but not showing late. However, TU showed it as a revolving acct. I disputed, said it was installment now. They deleted. That's cool.

  5. Dani

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    Go get them, Mom. I can't wait to read what TransUnion says after they call and verify the account as not being late. I'm sure it will be priceless.

  6. MiamiBlues

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    Give them hell!!!

  7. G. Fisher

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    Get video.

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