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  1. fakker

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    Some receipts you receive after making a purchase via credit card have "X" symbols in front of all but the last few numbers on the customer receipts. Others include the whole number. Why is this? What kinds of companies choose which? Is there any connection between those that do and don't?
  2. dave

    dave Well-Known Member

    It's a security measure some companies use so some bozo who picks your receipt out of the trash can't use the would have your whole name, and the entire account #.

  3. fakker

    fakker Guest

    I'm aware of the benefits of those little "X"s, but what I really want to know is why do some companies not have this while others don't.
  4. judyputy

    judyputy Well-Known Member

    I once used my Exxon gas/mc at exxon to get gas once and then later had this weird message on my machine from the older man saying he had gotten my receipt at the gas station and how I had better be glad that such a nice man had found my reciept and how stupid I was for forgetting to pull it out, and how lucky he wasn't the criminal type or he could use my whole number printed right there to ruin my credit, but since he was so trustworthy I should be grateful.

    GAVE ME THE CREEPS!! I immediately pulled out the receipt from my pocket and it must have been the guy's in front of me. The machine was running slow and I got his receipt leaving mine to be printed after I walked away.

    I REPORTED IT RIGHT AWAY. They sent me a new card. I don't think they should be allowed to print the whole number. So anyway... that's my story.

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