received 2 letters from Experian..

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Ender, May 2, 2001.

  1. Ender

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    It's funny because Experian sent me 2 letters with the same report date. I sent them a letter disputing many items on April 13 and received something today.

    The letters were also in different envelopes. The first one says:

    We are responding to your request to verify items on the credit report. We are contacting the source of the information you questioned. When we complete our investigation process, which may take up to 30 days, we will send you the results. Should you need to contact us again, please be sure to reference the report Number at the top of this letter.

    The second says:

    We are responding to your request to verifyitems on the credit report. We have already investigated this information and the credit grantor has verified its accuracy. Please refer to the personal credit report you received for the name and address of the credit grantor who verified this information. If you still believe the item is inaccurate, then we will be happy to add a dispute statement to the credit report or you may wish to contact the credit grantor. Missed or late payments and most public record items remain on the credit report for 7 years, with the exception of Chapter 7, 11, and 12 bankruptcies, which remain for 10 years.


    It's funny because both letters have the same exact report number on top too. WTF? Maybe they need to time stamp these letters too. Or maybe they verified all the items the same day they sent out the first letter. LOL. Either way, it's more ammo when I file the lawsuit time. (9/17/01).
  2. Ender

    Ender Well-Known Member

    the thing is that they don't even list which items I am disputing. That is all they put, what I typed up there. That is the only text. So I have no idea which items they are referring to really.. I need to just refer back to the copy of the letter I sent them.

    After that first letter, I sent two more. One is disputing duplicates and the other is the second half list of disputes I sent on April 27th.
  3. cole

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    Experian is reluctant to send a full, updated credit report after they investigate disputes, even though the FCRA stipulates they do so. Perhaps because their reports can easily run 10 pages long and the postage is prohibitive. It is also another way of discouraging you, because now you have to write them and ask for a full report showing the results of the investigation, thus wasting another month or so.

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