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    ________________TOP STORY__________________

    Have customers that don't pay?

    Send delinquent accounts to collections by using a
    licensed collection agency to get your money back
    for you.

    Bad checks, missed payments, credit card chargebacks
    closed accounts, or just late payments can slow any
    business to a halt.

    There is a simply way to send your delinquent
    accounts to collections, just by entering their information
    in to a web form and hitting submit.

    <a href=" ">Collections Forms</a>

    The best way to be sure you get paid is to have a
    licensed collection agency on your side. A collection
    agency can do the dirty work for you, and will be much
    more effective than you can be.

    For just a few dollars per account, you can have a
    professional agency send letters to your delinquent
    accounts demanding payment.

    Because these letters come from a licensed collection
    agency, your customer will know the account is urgent.
    Perhaps they ignored you, but they are much more likely
    to pay a collection agency before the account requires

    If recovery cannot be accomplished by notifying the
    debtor repeatedly with written notices, you can refer
    any account to intensive collections where you will
    pay a percentage of the face value of the debt, usually
    around one third. Some agencies may charge as much
    as half for very difficult accounts, but looking at the
    bottom line, getting a check for half does beat getting

    This system uses the letter writing, and phone call
    collections approach, but also allows the collection
    agency to persue the debtor in court, right in their
    own city or county.

    This method is extremely effective, because if the
    debt is referred for legal action, they will get a letter
    from an attorney who is right in their own town, or
    very close by. The court summons they are served
    at home or at work will also be for appearance at their
    local court.

    Using intensive collection methods are very effective
    as you can imagine. As a business owner, you owe
    it to yourself and your company to use a professional
    service to handle these difficult clients. Nobody enjoys
    dealing with collections and delinquent customers, but
    the fact is the issue cannot be ignored.

    If you visit the following URL, you can send accounts
    to collections online. Just find your bad debt file and
    start entering the names, addresses and amounts due
    to you, and the collection effort will begin when you hit

    <a href=" ">Collections Forms</a>

    Look for these warning signs with your customers:


    Asks for extended terms
    Slowdown in payments
    Pays by partial payment on account
    Record of bad checks
    Default, followed by request for lower payment schedule
    Irregular payments
    Admission by the debtor that other bills must be paid first
    Partial payments of steadily decreasing amounts
    Repeated defaults--always with an excuse
    (lost invoices, check lost in the mail, bill not received,
    quality complaints, no one available to sign checks)


    Evasiveness of principals
    Inaccessibility of management
    Is excessively irritated by collection calls
    Failure to return phone calls or respond to letters
    Debtor defers to his attorney
    Telephone disconnected
    Mail returned undeliverable


    Increased requests for credit references
    Poor previous business record of the principals
    Other creditors taking collection action against debtor
    Federal or state tax liens
    Poor financial statement
    (high debt to equity ratio, negative net worth, negative cash flow) .

    For more information or to place account in collections
    please visit the following URL:

    <a href=" ">Collections Information</a>
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    Tooooo funny! Actually though I have a friend (Laura who did the picture pages of the OBX trip) who builds webpages. She had to use a collection agency - surprisingly, other online businesses are the worst about paying her.

  3. LKH

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    I just checked their website, they are from Florida. It seems a lot of these agencies are in Florida. They must have some lax laws there. In fact, I think I read somewhere that Florida doesn't even require collection agencies to post a bond. what a load.

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