Recieving credit while under18

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by tdeas, Apr 4, 2001.

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    When I first started college I was 17. I was given several credit cards (national banks and department store) which I quickly maxed out. Am I responsible for the debt or are the companies who extended me (a minor at the time) at fault?
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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    If you were still 17 when you failed to repay the debt, you would not be responsible. Since you are now 18, you are responsible. The same applies to anyone who issues you a checking acct, credit cards, loans ect..If you are under the age of 17. You were considered a minor and are not able to enter any contract.
  3. N'awlins

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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    You may want to seek legal advise provided by your school. Just to be certain. Usually, the Student Government Association provides this to students free of charge. Check with your school.
  4. sam

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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    Consult with your local state laws. In georgia, you are considered an adult at the age of 17.

    If they gave you credit cards knowing you were 17, its on them. If you lied about your age, well thats a very bad and illegal thing.

    Either way, credit is 7 years. I can't tell you how important its going to be in the rest of your life. If only i had known.
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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    Why not declare bankruptcy now...? since you have no income so it will get approved very easily. Then it will be off the record when you are 26 or so... just the right time to buy houses with a fresh new credit.

    Better yet, get more cards, max out all the credits, like to $10,000 or so then do it.

    Then learn to cheat taxes while you are at it... since you are that kind of people anyway, always looking for loophole to get out of finacial obligation.

    Look at what is happening to the new generation America? Any hope for the future? sigh...
  6. breeze

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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    Sue the card company that issued the cards. Don't these CC people have any sense at all?? They will issue a credit card to your dog if you send in the app. I know, I saw it on television.

    breeze :p
  7. R1

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    Re: Recieving credit while und

    Bullshit... you know they all pull credit profile. Unless your dog has a SSN and a file. Otherwise the only card available is a secured card for your pet.

    If it is that easy, why do people try so desparately to rebuild better credit to get a card?

    Sure sue when you spend the $$$... sue your parents in the meanwhile, it's their fault to give birth to you so the money is spent by a loser like you!

    Just sue sue sue sue sue... all the way through your life, maybe you should be a lawyer... too bad you spent your tuition money on credit card bills, can't make it now, eh?

    Pump gas for living then.

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