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  1. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    -1/2 of what Bill Bauer says
    -1/2 of what Bkev says
    -1 cup of their arguments
    -a dash of NanaC, Lizardking, Cyprigirl, Momof3
    -add some Christi, the FTC, FCRA and a little bit of
    -a tablespoon of the other incredible helpers here
    -a teaspoon of of C&D, validation.
    - spice to taste with estoppell


    Bake for about 30 days
    Portions will disappear it so darn good

    Serves 3,000,000

    If you're not full yet, start from the beginning.

    ENJOY...posted at 126AM EST...Can't sleep.
  2. Erica

    Erica Well-Known Member

    I LOVE IT!!!! It made me post again even though the BS in continuing. Thanks. I needed that.
  3. Kittw1

    Kittw1 Well-Known Member

    Well Erica, I am glad that this was a tasty treat for you!! LOL!

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