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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Beaker, Oct 29, 2001.

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    In 1998 I opened a department store account that I used maybe 2-3 times maximum. About 2 years ago the entire company went out of business. Since I was still pretty ignorant about credit issues, it did not occur to me to make sure that this account reported to the CRAs as closed at my request, so I just cut up the card and forgot about it. Then when I pulled my Equifax report last year I found the account still reporting as open, so I asked them to update it to "closed". They did so with no hassle (amazing!). Then when I pulled Experian about 2 months ago, it was showing as open there too. I contacted Experian to ask them to update this to report "closed", and they told me that I needed to contact the actual creditor to have them report it correctly. When I called the creditor, they stated that the only accounts from this company still in existence were collection accounts (mine was current, paid in full, never late, so it didn't even exist in their records). They also informed me that it was Experian's responsibility to change the info, not theirs. I went back to Experian with this information and was told that that wasn't true (big surprise) and that if the creditor wouldn't report the account as closed, they couldn't update it to report that way, but they could add a comment stating why. That's pretty much where I left things for now, but now I want to know: Who do I send a letter to, and what should the gist of that letter be? Will I be able to dispute it as "not mine" after all this, or would Experian have a record of the last go-round? It's closing in on 30 days since I started this same dispute with TU, so I'm anxiously waiting to see if they are this difficult as well. Thanks for reading my rambling story. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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    Supposedly every OPEN/NEVER LATE account helps your F.I.C.O. (balance to credit limit ratio)...

    As long as it has a balance $0 and states a credit limit, JUST LEAVE IT.

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