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    Hey Guys,
    I started my business in the year 2015. It was a commercial shop that mainly includes school items for students. As I started my shop amid Toronto, the profit was very less as I had many competitors. I tried giving discounts to students, which result in increased sales than before, but the gain was still not high. As a starter, I was expecting more sales, which was not happening. And gradually, my debts also increased. I took my last stock in August, hoping that there will be more sales at that time due to school opening. And as I calculated, I got a satisfactory profit. In that confidence, I took more stock on this year beginning as there is a mid vacation in March. But my shop is closed for about three months now due to Covid-19. My payment for debts is delayed for about six months. I am in a restless situation now. I thought of taking a debt consolidation, but before that, I need to consult a debt consolidation mortgage so that I can explain my whole situation. Could someone please suggest to me one for an expert opinion.

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