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Discussion in 'General Lounge' started by Henry John, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. Henry John

    Henry John New Member

    I'm curious to hear your thoughts if anyone has seen their own firms consider hiring of people on a purely remote basis. Will there be an issue concerning productivity or getting the job done? Please share your experience.
  2. Nikhil

    Nikhil New Member

    I own a small firm and I would consider remote-employment. Every firm has its own way of doing things. I had outsourced the software development tasks with the help of one of my friends. Many of the companies are just realizing the fact that it is possible to keep good work while working from home (rather forcibly).
  3. TheresaPeter

    TheresaPeter New Member

    Most people do enjoy working from home. Lots of people would be open to remote job positions during this pandemic situation. While certain jobs are tricky to be 100% remote ), others like software related are considered totally possible to be done mostly remotely.
  4. Andrews

    Andrews New Member

    The sudden shift of working from different environments during this COVID 19 pandemic has disrupted how businesses work and also exposed several weaknesses in the way it works. One of the main weaknesses in your business model revealed during corona crises is that you don't trust remote work. Some employers face difficulty in controlling their employees during the practice of work from home. But, in situations like now, it’s not a matter of choice. So, trust your employees to work efficiently while working remotely. With the digital transformation and cloud technology, your employees can even work from home with remote access to necessary tools they require. There are even more weaknesses in the way we work during this pandemic situation. The below blog can help you to quickly analyze a few of the common ones.

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