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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by S.D., Nov 9, 2000.

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    I have requested Equifax to investigate the false info on my credit report and they say that it is a valid debt. They did this within the 30 days allowed by the FCRA. I was told to contact the creditor to argue about this debt, and they also started an investigation. I have not heard from the creditor yet and it has been over the 30 days. I know that if the credit bureaus don't get back to me within 30 days, I can request for them to remove the false info from my file. But if the creditor does not respond in time, does this apply to them as well? Can I request for the creditor to send letters to all 3 credit bureaus to have them remove the info?
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    Pat or anyone else?

    Do you have the address of the top guy at United Credit National Bank? This is the creditor that I'm dealing with. It has been over the 30 days, and I want this ifo removed!!!
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    yabba dabba doo

    The CRAs have done what the law requires of them. The lender can be sued for libel for reporting false info, but you aren't going to have to do that.

    United Credit was bought several months ago by Household International. Type a one page letter and fax it to:

    Kenneth Robin
    Senior Vice President and General Counsel
    Household International
    2700 Sanders Rd.
    Prospect Heights, IL 60070
    fax (847) 205-7452
    tel (847) 564-5000

    please come back and let us know if it gets fixed.

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    RE: yabba dabba doo

    Thanks very much!! =D
    Just curious... where do you get all this info? =0]
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    RE: yabba dabba doo

    I typed in United Credit National Bank at Yahoo, and saw some online articles about United Credit which mentioned that the headquarters was in Sioux Falls, SD. I used the Yahoo Yellow Pages to look up United Credit, called them, got an (800) # to call, called it. I got a line for credit card customers. They answered with the name "Credit Card Services" . I asked about United Credit, and the lady said they were bought several months ago by Household International. I asked if she knew where the headquarters is. She said Chicago. I went to the Yahoo stock quote section, clicked symbol look up, found Household International, went to their website, then to the investor's section, browsed the 1999 Annual Report, got the name and address of the CEO, and noticed that their General Counsel (a lawyer) was listed in the senior management section just after the board of directors section. Since he is a lawyer, I figured that he would be listed with Martindale Hubbel. He was. His phone # and fax number were listed. I called the fax #. I got a fax tone.

    I then posted the info at this site.

    This took about 6 minutes.

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    sent fax to VP

    Well, I typed up a one page letter as you suggested and faxed it over to the top guy. Hope it works...I'll keep you updated.

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