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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Suzanne, Apr 2, 2001.

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    I have a judgement on my credit report from June of 95-- about 6 years ago. I ran up a $1200 bill wiuth AmEX-- I was young, and immature. I paid the $1200 in June 95, but this judgement has really ruined my credit rating.

    I am trying to repair it:
    I have 3 Capitol One cards, total credit is about $1000 and I am paying them off on time.

    I also managed to finance my car through Toyota in August 99: I am paying it off regularly every month. Haven't missed a payment.

    But this judgement is still messing up my credit and it won't come off till June 2002-- a year and 3 months. Meantime, I really want to buy a house this fall and don't want to wait that long to shop for a mortgage.

    So: What can I do to repair my credit? Can I get this judgement removed? And if so, how? Are there any other suggestions?

    THANKS for any help!
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    Have you done a search on this board ?
    I believe this has been addressed a few times.
    If i remember correctly , the advice(there were 2 suggestions) was either to verify the judgement
    or ask to remove because its obsolete (if less than a year old).
    I know theanswer is on this board somewhere

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