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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Paul, Mar 27, 2001.

  1. Paul

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    Quick question..

    I am an AU on my brothers credit card account, and the credit line is reporting on my bureau with the Authorized User designation.

    If I were to have him remove me from the account, how will it end up reporting on the bureau?

    He is currently at a very high limit on that account, and I feel it may be hurting my revolving balance calculations.

    Thanks for reading..

  2. Dani

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    I had the same problem. I was an AU on one of my mom's accounts. I asked her to delete me from the account and to ask the company to delete the tradeline from my credit report. Many companies want a letter asking to remove the tradeline from the AU's credit report. The company deleted the account from my Equifax, but not Experian so I disputed it. Haven't heard back yet, but I don't think there should be a problem. Hope this helps.

  3. Aux

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    Same here!


    I had the same problem. I was an AU on my Ex CC (Discover Platinum Card). First my ex called Discover, they said they can't do that. So I sent the letter to Discover mentioned that this account it's not mine and proof if you have my signature when my ex applied for the additional card. I've never signed the application.

    So discover removed the AU tradeline from all 3 CRAs.

    I heard some credit card company easy to deal with. You might ask your brother to call cc company first.


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