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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by CR, Dec 1, 2000.

  1. CR

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    Hi all,

    I know I've posted here before, but I'm still learning about the rebuilding process. You guys are awesome and always seem to find a way to keep everyone going when it feels like it's never going to get better. I have read in the last few days about having paid collections, etc removed from your credit record. I want to be sure I understand what your advice is. I'm sorry if I am asking you to repeat yourselves but, I really, really want to be sure I know what I am (going to be) doing.

    Ok, I have a few collections (3 to be exact) on my credit reports, two PAID collections, one PAID charge off and one unpaid chargeoff. I have six good tradelines (oldest 18 months, newest 1 month; all in good standing, none late or over the limit. I was shocked to see my AT&T cell phone account on Experian also pays as agreed and was very happy to see my car loan with pays as agreed as well).

    I want to get rid of the negatives (I understand sometimes you can't). Here's where I start to feel like an idiot; where do I begin (especially with the unpaid collections and unpaid charge-off)? I went to Kristi's recommended site at Carreon to get the sample letters but I don't want to make a mistake and do something that might not get them removed if they can be removed. HELP!!

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    RE: Removing bad marks on cred

    hi there,

    i too am wondering about this. i found your board a few days ago & have found the information very useful. i have 2 unpaid collections & 5 paid collections on my reports; i am trying to clean up before beginning again. had some medical problems about a year & couldn't make my payments. any suggestions about the collections.

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    RE: Removing bad marks on cred

    Hi CR,

    Here is what I've been doing. Obviously, keep your cell phone and credit cards in good standing or all this hard work you'll be doing is for nothing

    I got all three credit reports. Made a spreadsheet with all the negatives (which reports, dollar amts for collections, late pays, etc.)

    I looked at inconsistencies (it seemed easiest with a merged report - I used true credit) eg. listed as joint v individual account, installment account when revolving, etc.

    Secondly, I looked for small errors - eg. balance incorrect, dates, etc.

    Then i would send dispute letters based on those items. ex. I may have a revolving account with xyz company but it's being reported as installment so I challenge it like so....I never had an installment account with xyz company, please remove from report. As you can see, I didn't tell them it's a revolving account, I just said I didn't have an installment account. Get the drft.

    I usually dispute the same items at the same time with each bureau. Of course, only if the item is listed on all three reports.

    In my mind, they'll at least miss one or two when verifying

    if you have more questions, don't hesitate to ask!
    Hopefully this helps some,
  4. sam

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    RE: Removing bad marks on cred

    Thanks to the guy that emailed me, dispute EVERY address, once an address is nuked, all the cards tied to it, usually fall off too!

  5. Jim S.

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    RE: Removing bad marks on cred

    Could you elaborate on this? Are you saying that the CRAs will remove an account where the address listed on the account isn't listed on the credit report?
  6. Kelly

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    RE: Removing bad marks on cred

    According to what I've read

    When you delete previous addresses it doesn't automatically delete items that use that address. But, when you dispute those items, it's one less major identifying marker that matches up. Therefore, it might make it easier to get it deleted.

    Hope this helps,

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