removing derogs question?

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by direct, Nov 3, 2001.

  1. direct

    direct Well-Known Member

    I have 3 derogs on each of my reports...
    Amex, MBNA, and Chase (all included in a bankruptcy from 5 years ago)

    These 3 seem to be bulletproof as far as disputing via the credit bureaus, each one comes back verfied.

    Has anyone had success disputing them off of their report? If so, what was the secret?
  2. Pat

    Pat Well-Known Member

    I just keep disputing. My Keybank took 4 disputes over about 8 months. They finally got tired and didn't verify.

    I tried a validation with my original creditors, I had 2 different paid chargeoffs. Both of them tried to treat it like a fraud report. So I ignored that route and continued to dipute them. One was the Key account above the other was Verizon.

    The Verizon is gone from TU and just recently got re-aged on Experian and Equifax. I pissed off the person at Verizon with the validation letter and by requesting that she only contact me in writing. So she re-reported it under the same acct., new date (10/2001).

    So I'm going after the CRA's based on the re-aging, now.
  3. direct

    direct Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much! That's encouraging! I will keep up with the disputes.


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