Removing Negative Info (HELP)

Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by Manda, Feb 19, 2001.

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    I have been lurking for some time on this site (occationally put in my 2 cents). Thanks to this board I have actually started to rebuild my credit. I have several nice credit cards with good limits and even a checking account. THANKS ALL!!

    Here's my question. I have several neg. accounts that this year will be at the 7 year mark from "last activity". Is it true I can dispute just on the basis of the 7 years? Or should I dispute the validity of the charge in the 1st place? And I do it to the credit reporting companies? And lastly, how soon to the month mark should I start?

    Your wisdom is greatly appreciated in this!!
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    RE: Removing Negative Info (HE

    Yes, write a dispute letter to each of the bureaus stating that you have outdated information being reported on your file, they will investigate and if in fact the 7 years are up they will remove.
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    RE: Removing Negative Info (HE

    Hi Manda

    Equifax and Experian will remove the negative info 3 months before it's scheduled to be removed.

    Trans Union removes one month early

    I'd dispute the info now as "not mine."

    Also, I've disputed stuff close to their "three month period" as obsolete and they've deleted it.


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