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Discussion in 'Credit Talk' started by steve, Apr 17, 2001.

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    I disagree will Bill Bauer about being a nice guy to the credit bureaus NOT once did Bill Bauer point out that the credit bureaus lie to the public everyday.

    The way I do it is get a copy of my credit reports and file in small claims court on the one's that reported it to the credit bureaus.

    File it as a Fraudulent account.
    When the other party don't show you will get the judgement.
    Stand up and say your honor the only way I can clear my name of this Fraudulent information under my SSN is for the record to reflect this so I can present it to the credit bureaus.The judge will always grant that when the other party don't show.

    I know Bill Bauer and the Tinlizzer will disagree with what I say.

    To the above anyone can file in small claims court.
    Tinlizzer and Bill Bauer if you have never file like what I have above then your input on this will not be Valid.

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    Thanks Bobby.

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